Founder, Gerald G. Farnsworth

When Gerald Giffin Farnsworth was just 13 years old, he started his own business called 'Farnsworth Radio & Electric Shop' in 1922. Located in a chicken coop in New Hardford, Iowa, not the most idle for this type of work. After graduating high school, he moved to Waterloo. His father, Ray, also joined Gerald as the bookkeeper, since where he'd been working at the bank of New Hartford failed. Records indicate in 1938, Farnsworth Radio was located at 512 East 4th Street in Waterloo, behind the existing KWWL news building. In 1942, the business moved to 623 Jefferson Street also in Waterloo, the current site of the Quality Inn hotel.


In 1956, 201 East Mullan Avenue (Hwy 63 S) ended up being a grand location for the ultimate repair shop. The building had originally been built as an auction house. At peak there were 43 service technicians, which meant for a lot of repair vehicles, tool boxes & tools, and space, which they had in a 6,000 square foot facility. 

Gerald and his older brother, Linden

Pictured are 11 year old Linden Farnsworth and 7 year old Gerlad Farnsworth at their home in New Hartford, Iowa.




Ray Farnsworth

Gerald's father, Ray Farnsworth ran the Bank of New Hartford until it closed. Pictured here with his wife Minnie Marie Simbric Farnsworth.



1964 newspaper article featuring Gerald Farnsworth


Image from long ago, the south east corner window was filled in later but the west side of the building maintained the same. 


Farnsworth Electronics service van

because Volkswagen rocks!

201 East Mullan Avenue, Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Tower, 209 East Mullan Avenue, Waterloo, Iowa 50703

Business card

Gerald G. Farnsworth was still active even after his son, Jim took over the business. Gerald pretty much stopped down to the store daily until moving into the Western Home in 1998. Gerald past away in 1999.

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