Cooling Fans

Cooling fans are required to protect critical electronic components by keeping them at an optimal operating temperature, thus protecting

against thermal variances that could harm the components and preventing a premature failure, while ensuring optimal

performance. These fans utilize a propeller to create a large airflow in the direction of the axis, moving the air in a direction

parallel to the axis of the blade.

AC fans provide a constant flow, whereas DC fans can run at variable speeds. DC fans consume less power,

generate lower levels of EM and RF Interference and are much quieter in operation, making them ideal for personal

computer and server applications.

Features include:

  • AC and DC Types:
      12 and 24VDC

  • Sizes Include:

  • Ball Bearings

  • 11.8" (300mm) Wire Leads or Terminal Types

  • Locked Rotor Protection

  • All are RoHS Compliant

  • Most are UL Recognized