Circuit Breakers

NTE's line of Thermal Circuit Breakers are available in both panel mount R58 series and Fuse Holder cartridge types R59 series.

They contain a visual trip indicator, a push button to reset breaker and 0.250 inch quick connect terminals.

  • The R59 series represent convenient, inexpensive alternatives to twist cap, panel mounted fuse holders and glass cartridge fuses.

  • The R58 series comprise single pole, thermal type circuit breakers that feature a recessed reset button which cannot be manually pulled out to disconnect the circuit.

When an overload occurs and the breaker opens, the reset button and an indicator extend for visual trip indication.

A trip free feature allows the contacts to open even if the reset button is held in manually against an over-load.

NTE thermal circuit breakers are available with ratings from .25 amps to 30 amps.