Farnsworth Electronics carries a huge assortment of NTE capacitors that are designed for both the most demanding

applications and those not requiring tough characteristics. Most are available in axial or radial lead versions.

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Aluminum Electrolytic

ULM Series, 5mm ultra miniature, 6.3 volt - 50 volt (NEW!)

NEV & NEH series, subminiature, 6.3 volt - 100 volt

NEVH & NEHH series, subminiature, 160 volt - 450 volt

NPR & NPA series, non-polarized

HD series, high freq for horizontal deflection, 25 volt - 50 volt

VHT series, high temperature 105*c, 6.3 volt - 450 volt (New types added!)

SI series, snap-in, 16 volt - 450 volt

SIT series, Snap-in high temperature 105*c, 50 volt - 250 volt

Motor Run

MRC series

MRRC series

MRRC series, dual capacitance

Mounting Hardware

Motor Start

MSC series

Mounting Hardware


Solid Tantalum

TD series, resin dipped radial

SCT series, surface mount


Ceramic Disc

89000 series, 50 volt

90000 series, 1000 volt


Multilayer (monolithic) Ceramic

CML series, 50 volt & 100 volt

SMC series, surface mount 50 volt


Mylar/Polyester Film

MLR series

Ceiling Fan

CFC series (New types added!)

Pre-Packaged Kits

Capacitor Kit (New types added!)