Cable Ties

Farnsworth Electronics has a complete line of NTE, Inc. cable ties and accessories designed to work in almost all applications.

From traditional nylon to reusable hook and loop, the selector guide on the right will allow you to quickly and easily find the one for your application.

Cable Ties:

  • Standard - offered in a wide variety of colors, with tensile strengths from 18 lb. to 175 lb.

  • Mounting Hole - secure and position wire bundles, cables, hoses, and more with one mechanical fastener

  • Cobra Low Profile - reduced head height designed for low profile applications

  • Releasable - temporary (or permanent) bundling for quick additions or removals of cables

  • Identification & Flag - identification area extends from bundle to be easily seen

  • Push Mount - quick mounting design securely attaches bundle to panel

  • Hook & Loop (Velcro) - for indoor and outdoor applications, construction allows for repeated use

  • Stainless Steel - industry standard type 304 for harsh, corrosive, and salt water environments

  • Convenience Packs - available in black or natural, contains three different sizes in one easy access package

Bundle Management:

  • Split Loom - holds and protects cables, wires, etc. and is quick and easy to install, with slit closing automatically after installation

  • Spiral Wrap - also holds and protects cables, wires, etc. and is quick and easy to install, allowing flexibility while providing secure bundling

  • Expandable Sleeving - easy to install, lightweight, allows flexibility while providing secure bundling for a professional look. We have recently added No-Fray Expandable Sleeving, which can be cut with a household scissor instead of a hot knife.

  • Cable Clamps - designed to help secure the routing of cables, harnesses, hoses and more

  • Twist Locks - a single twist locks or unlocks the bundle making them a fast, economical way to securely position and hold wire, cable, or tubing


  • Mounting Pads - stay in place tab keeps cable tie head from sliding down during vertical applications

  • Identification Plates - apply to bundle vertically or horizontally when information and visibility are critical

  • Screw Mounts - recessed screw hole allows for easy insertion of cable ties to pass over screw head

  • Push Mounts - quickly secures and positions wire bundles, cables, hoses, etc, to panels


  • Cable Tie Guns - hand held cable tie guns rapidly tension and cut off excess cable ties without leaving behind any sharp edges

Click on the links below to open PDF catalog pages:
Cable Ties:
Solar & Cold Weather (NEW items!)
Mounting Hole
Cobra Low Profile
Identification & Flag 
Push Mount 
Hook & Loop (Velcro) 
Stainless Steel
Beaded & Beaded Label

Black & Natural Convenience Packs                                                                                                                   
                                                                                                                                                                                                Cable Tie Cross Reference
Mounting Pads  
Identification Plates
Standard Screw Mounts
Low Profile Screw Mounts
Wing Type Push Mounts
Button Type Push Mounts

Tie Guns

Bundle Management:
Self Closing Wraps (NEW!)
Split Loom
Spiral Wrap
Expandable Sleeving
No-Fray Expandable Sleeving (NEW!)
Cable Clamps
Cable Clamps, adjustable
Twist Lock