Miniature Light Bulbs

An incandescent light bulb is an electric light with a wire filament heated to such a high temperature that it glows with visible light.

The filament is protected from oxidation with a glass or fused quartz bulb that is filled with inert gas or a vacuum.

In a halogen lamp, filament is slowed by a chemical process that redeposits metal vapor onto the filament, thereby extending it's life.

Many of the products listed are stocked at Farnsworth Electronics.

There are many different shapes, colors, and sizes of light bulbs. If there's one product line we know very well, it's bulbs!

Vintage Incandescent & LED Bulbs are IN STOCK!!!




Start with finding the base type you have, then you need to know the voltage and wattage or amperage of the bulb

if it doesn't have a part # listed on the bulb itself.

Base Types:

Quad Loop
Vintage 40S19
Carbon 1890 Hairpin
Vintage 40A19
Carbon Quad Loop
Vintage 60A23
1920 Quad Loop
Vintage 1910
Squirrel Cage
Vintage 1920
Double Loop
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Miniature Bayonet
Double Contact Bayonet
Single Contact Bayonet
Double Contact Bayonet
Medium (BY22d)
Double Contact Indexing
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G4 Bi-Pin
GZ9PT5 Bi-Pin Base
GX5PT3 Bi-Pin Base
G12 Bi-Pin Base
G5PT3 Bi-Pin Base
GX9PT5 Bi-Pin Base
GZ6PT35 Bi-Pin Base
GZ4 Bi-Pin Base
GU7PT9 Bi-Pin Base
G6PT35 Bi-Pin Base
G22 Bi-Pin Base
GY9PT5 Bi-Pin Base
GY8 Bi-Pin Base
GU4 Bi-Pin Base
G8PT5 Bi-Pin Base
G9 pin Blade Bi-Pin Base
G38 Bi-Pin Base
GY5PT3 Bi-Pin Base
GY6PT35 Bi-Pin Base
GU5PT3 Bi-Pin Base
G9 Bi-Pin Base
G9PT5 Bi-Pin Base
GX16D Bi-Pin Base
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Straight Automotive Base
PX26d Base
Right Angle Prefocus Base
PX15d Base
PK22s Base
Prefocus Automotive Base
PGJ5 Base
BA20 Base
Miniature Flanged Single Contact Base
P15d miniature Base
P32d2 Base
P28s Base
BA-7s miniature Base
Axial Prefocus Shielded Base
P43t Base
P15s miniature Base
P15-3 miniature Base
Axial Prefocus Base
P43t-38 Base
X511 Base
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Miniature Screw Base e10
European Medium Screw Base e27
Miniature Candelabra Screw Base e11
Candelabra Screw Base e12
European Screw Base e14
Intermediate Screw Base e17
Medium Screw Base e26
Medium Skirted Base
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Screw Terminal Multi Base
S14s Base
Rigid Loop Base
2 contact lugs Base
Metal Clip Base
Lead Wire Base
Festoon Base
3 contact lugs Base
G53 Base
Side Prong Base
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RX7s Wedge Base
Wedge SF Base
Wedge Base
Wedge DF Base
Slide Wedge Base
Recessed Single Contact Base
Wedge Subminiature Base
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