Continuing a legacy, Anji Barnard

Anji started counting resistors during the summers at the age of 9. She always said she'd never work at the family business because it was boring, but always loved listening to records or pretending to be a rock star with a Shure microphone. After graduating from Cedar Falls High School and attending college in Des Moines, Anji and her now husband, Travis, moved back to Cedar Falls to be with family and friends. Looking for a full time job, she asked her dad for a loan and he said no. Instead, Anji started working part time at Farnsworth Electronics until something else came along in January, 1992. Two months later, she added a computer to the business and well, let's just say the rest is history!

In 1995, the world wide web got a new dot com name, FarnsworthElectronics.com that is. It's always been more of an informational source rather then online ordering until recently. The focus has always been to give in store customers the best shopping experience possible. We're not just selling products, we're selling brands, brands we back because we use those products in our shop as well. Anji's philosophy is simple, she won't just sell anything in the shop since moving to the newest location. "People can buy anything online, but I want customers to come into the shop and see the wide variety of components we have and realize, WOW! I could have been shopping there all along!" Buying local is really important, that's just one of the many reasons during this transition, it was decided to move to the city that literally supports the shop the most. Cedar Falls Utilities has been amazing to work with for the past decade and she can't wait to continue to grow with them. Of course John Deere also knows the importance of supporting local business. When a machine is down, you don't have time to wait, until even tomorrow sometimes, so when you have that emergency need, they call on the electronic experts first.